spss analysis apa style results section

An equal number of participants (n=34) were tested in each of the three conditions (Method of Limits, Method of Constant Stimuli, and Method of Adjustment).

Your task is to analyze the data to determine if there are any significant differences in either the Point of Subjective Equality (PSE) or the Just Noticeable Difference (JND) as a function of the psychophysical method used to measure them.

Data attached.

It should be written using APA format/style and it should include a title page, a results section, and figures.

-describe your variables (Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum, Maximum and range). Remember this applies only to continuous variables. Create a table describing your variables or describe them in-text (table is suggested).

-report ALL results, even non-significant. If you decide to include the table for the results please do NOT repeat the info in the text: refer the reader to the table and make a general note of findings (not actual values that will be in the table)

-do not explain results (just is there a significance)

-graphs of the results (remember SPSS does not make an APA graph, you will have to rework it)

-pay attention to italicizing signs, rounding the values and describing any post-hoc tests (not just saying “there is a difference between groups”, say how the groups are different).

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