Lecture Review:  3

Topic:  Review of Lectures 1-5




Dataset:  LA Heart Study (raw data).xls




Pre Question Set up:

(Please refer to the LA Heart Study coding sheet)


1.    Please enter in data from the excel sheet to SPSS

2.    Using the coding sheet, please appropriately enter and code your variables (i.e. correct measurement scales).

3.    The following variables may be deleted from the dataset: MD_50, MD_62, Death_YR and ID.





1.    Please report the appropriate measurement scales for the following variables.

a.    ID

b.    AGE_50

c.     SBP_50

d.    DBP_50

e.     HT_50

f.      WT_50

g.     CHOL_50

h.    SES

i.      CL_STATUS

j.      IHD_DX

2.    Please produce a summary table displaying the measures of central tendency, dispersion and distributional shape for the following variables

a.    SBP_50

                                              i.     What is the most appropriate measure of central tendency? Why?


                                              i.     What is the most appropriate measure of central tendency? Why?

c.     DBP_62

                                              i.     What is the most appropriate measure of central tendency? Why?

3.    A researcher asks you to produce a summary table that shows the mean, min, max and std deviation for the variable HT_50.

a.    He would now like to see the same table but stratified by socio economic status.

b.    He would like to see it further stratified.  This time, he would like to see it stratified by socio economic status and ischemic heart disease diagnosis.

4.    For the variable DBP_50 please produce the following:

a.    Summary table showing the mean, median, std deviation, and variance.

b.    Two different visual aids that show the distribution of scores.

c.     Are there any potential outliers for the variable?  Please support with reference to a figure (i.e. don’t eyeball the dataset).

5.    A researcher would like a visual aid that shows the mean difference of weight of subjects in 1962 across ischemic heart disease diagnosis.

a.    Please show the same visual aid paneled by socio economic status.

6.    Please provide a visual aid that shows the proportion of people in the study by socio economic status.

7.    Please provide a visual aid that shows the relationship between systolic blood pressure in 1950 and the systolic blood pressure in 1962.

8.    A researcher wants to see if mean cholesterol is different across the clinical status groups.  Please provide the visual that would show this.

9.    At initial data collection in 1950, a researcher thinks that higher weight is indicative of higher cholesterol.  Provide a visual that would help to show this.






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