Summarize Article

summarizing the article needs it done in 12 hours. I posted an example and instructions of how it should be and posted the article that I want to summarize

  • A Guide for Chapter Questions, the Written Assignment

    Research Review Paper (50 points)


    Address material that can not be covered in class but can benefit students

    Present students with an opportunity to summarize and evaluate peer reviewed research

    Step 1: Students will choose 1 (one) of the following articles to read and then summarize

    Article 1: Feel Good, Do Good Online

    Article 2: Test Anxiety

    Article 3: Stress and College Students

    Article 4: College Students and Coping Strategies

    ***(a link to these is also in the Instructions for Assignments and Research Participation folder on Bb)

    Step 2: Complete the assignment following the stated format outlined on the following slides

    Outline for the paper

    This is the EXACT order the paper should be in using these EXACT headings:

    Introduction (1-2 Paragraphs)

    Research Review (Minimum of 3 Paragraphs)




    Conclusion (1-2 Paragraphs)

    Details for each of these sections on the next slides

    Any example paper is also posted in the Class Assignments and Research Participation Instructions


    10 points (1-2 paragraphs)

    Summarize your own experience related to the topic of the article you chose to summarize

    Article 1: feel good, do good Article 2: test anxiety

    Article 3: stress and college Article 4: college students and coping

    MUST meaningfully use 2 terms from the book in your discussion. These terms have to be highlighted,underlined, or bold for full credit on this section of the paper.

    Ideas discussed in the introduction could include: habits your have regarding the topic, attempts you’ve made in the past to improve, or why you chose this article.

    Summarize 1 (one) of the research articles from slide 3

    The article should be summarized following this outline:

    Describe the authors’ purpose

    What are their hypotheses? What did they believe they would find?

    Why are they doing this study?

    Describe the methods they used in their study

    How many participants (will be defined as N)? What were the participants ages?

    What did they do? Did they give surveys, do an experiment, observe a population?

    How long did they do the study?

    Describe the results

    Were their hypotheses correct? What did they conclude?

    What were the limitations of the study? What do they plan/recommend to do in the future?

    Peer Reviewed Research 30 points (minimum of 3 paragraphs)

    Conclusion and Guidelines

    Conclusion-5 points (minimum of 1 paragraph)

    Summarize what you’ve learned from the chapter and the research. How has it affected you or how can you apply it in the future?

    Format and following guidelines- 5 points

    2-3 pages

    Writing Quality

    Formal language

    Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, 12 point font

    Used citations (in-text and reference page)

    MLA or APA format is acceptable

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