Suppose you were in charge of the Data Center at Dominican. Assume that the Data Center is in the basement of Lewis Hall and that all the servers (Registration, Grades, Email etc.) are in one room. You have been asked to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan for the Dominican Data Center.
Question 2a: Give a reference to one or more web sites that you would use to help you build a Disaster Recovery Plan for your Data Center. Explain why you think the reference(s) you have chosen is (are) helpful.
Question 2b: List two things that you would do right away and explain the reasons for your choices.((Not Good Examples: Immediately move the Data Center to the second floor of Parmer Hall to protect against floods, build a storage tank for 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel and fill it)
Question 2c: Would you do the Disaster Recovery Plan yourself or would you hire outside help? Why or why not?

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