Here is your take home final assignment. As with the take home midterm assignment, you need to write 2-3 fairly ample paragraphs using content material from the essays in the digital reader. Remember to follow the directions in the Questions and Answers in course information area to open the assignment and submit the assignment.


Instructions: you need to use the CD Early American Examined: A Reader to answer at least FOUR of thesequestions. Each answer should be 2-3 fairly long paragraphs and you need to use examples from the essays in your answer. Extra answers are for extra credit.

1. Newman-Slave Revolts. Describe the slave revolts and attempted slave revolts during the 1600s and 1700s. Use examples from the essay in your answer.

2. Newman- Frederick Douglass. From the information in this essay write a biography of the life and times of Frederick Douglass.

3. Gudelunas- American Politics. Describe the evolution of the two party political system in our early history and use examples from this essay in your answer.

4. Adams- Ensuring National Security. Describe the evolution of American foreign policy in our early history and use examples from this essay in your answer.

5. Hunt-American Revolutionary war. Write a narrative that shows the evolution of the military action in the American Revolution.

6. Ennis-Coming of the Civil War. How does Ennis describe the major causes of the Civil War? Use examples from the essay in your answer.

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