Task 1

Health Promotion Outline PresentationChoose an objective from Healthy People 2030 and create an outline of the full presentation.This assignment is an outline only, it must follow the APA format for outlines.This assignment should only contain 2-4 slides maximum.The outline must address the following:1. Identify Healthy People 2030 objective chosen by you.2. List the problem addressed in the chosen objective.3. List the epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, and cost-burden of the problem.4. Provide a description of a specific population or problem.5. Discuss how the policy is intended to improve the specific population.6. List the specific legislators involved with/working on the problem and policy development related to the problem.7. Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomes.8. Examine how the policy can be used by the inter-professional team to improve the problem.9. List three (3) references with one (1) peer-reviewed article.Include in the outline headers of each of the above requirements.  Include a list of three (3) references you will refer to when completing this project.A PowerPoint Presentation will be developed later based on this outline.Support responses with examples.Cite  any sources in APA format.

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