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The definition of spiritual care to me is identifying a patient’s spiritual needs such as their religion, if they have any religious practices and what helps them cope during times of illness or stress. Then using the data gathered to formulate nursing interventions (care plan) that consider the data collected regarding their spiritual needs during care to meet spiritually identified outcomes. This definition accords with what is in the topic reading because according to Shelly & Miller (2006), “Spiritual care means putting people in touch with God through compassionate presence, active listening, witness, prayer, Bible reading and partnering with the body of Christ which entails the church community and the clergy”. Blaber, Jones, & Willis (2015), also defined spiritual care as “that care which recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness and can include the need for meaning, for self-worth, to express oneself, for faith support, perhaps for rites or prayer or sacrament, or simply for a sensitive listener. Spiritual care begins with encouraging human contact in compassionate relationship, and moves in whatever direction need requires”.

Spiritual care is pertinent in times of suffering or illness because it is during these challenges of life that people perceive themselves as vulnerable and believe that they have lost their self-worth or strength, and what spiritual care does is reorient them to reality and make them understand that as long as there is life, there is hope. Hope is significant because it drives an individual to persevere during whatever challenges they are going through giving them meaning and purpose in life. It entails using open-ended questions to determine patient’s belief system, affirming what the patient has verbalized about their faith, reflecting on it and summarizing it with them, and creating a therapeutic environment to give the patients that have lost all hope due to disease and sickness, hope through faith, moral values, love, trusting relationships, and self-worth. It is imperative that health care providers are knowledgeable in identifying patients’ spiritual needs in other to instill spiritual care during interventions. Patients’ spiritual need should be assessed during the gathering of comprehensive health history and should be an organized analysis of a patient’s beliefs and faith that will enable them to find optimism which brings peace in times of illness or stress.

Illness and stress augment the spiritual need and trepidations of patients because of physical and emotional suffering, therefore spiritual care is pertinent in holistic care for interventions to be efficient and effective. The challenges nurses encounter during spiritual care is a poor approach to meet patients identified spiritual care due to lack of training although it is well received if it is presented in a spirit of kindness and modesty. The spiritual history assessment tools, such as the Faith, Influence of faith in life, Community and Address (FICA) enables the nurse to identify patient’s spiritual needs and plan interventions that consider these needs. From a Christian viewpoint, making a patient understand that the Lord has not forsaken them because they are ill or in distress, praying and sharing the scripture with them that by his stripes they are healed, testifying to the goodness of the Lord and encouraging them does not only bring hope and peace to the patient but also glorifies the Almighty father.

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