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The foundation of a healthy work environment requires solid nursing leadership at all levels of the facility, particularly at the point of care or unit level where most front line nurses are delivering patient care. A strategy for creating a positive change in the work environment is through mentorship of new staff. Leaders in nursing emulate a positive vested attitude and work engagement in which a culture is developed amongst the staff. It is essential that point-of-care nurses develop and use advocacy skills to address workplace concerns, promote positive work environments, and advocate for the profession. The voice of the nurse at the bedside has never been so powerful and crucial to improved patient outcomes in addition to collaborating with colleagues and multidisciplinary healthcare professionals. An increasing number of facilities have, or are developing shared governance structures to ensure that nurses at the point of care have a voice in decisions related to patient care and the work environment. The impact of registered nurses on patient outcomes is increasingly evident with invaluable input related to safety and quality.

My workplace setting is in a small outpatient chemotherapy department within a Veterans hospital. Many strategies have been implemented within the last two years since working in this department with a capacity of 5 infusion chairs. Even three years ago, prior to my arrival, the two full time nurses were looking for things to keep themselves busy. Just one year later, when I came onboard, the patient load increased by 30 percent. Currently the patient volumes have doubled in just 2 years, which has obviously caused congestion and bottle necking of patient care flow and efficiency. Chemo regimens are becoming more complex and patients are offered several lines of therapy as disease progresses. I and the other full time nurse have held several strategy meetings with key leadership including my nursing manager, the chief of nursing, our oncologist, pharmacy, and the chief of staff with a goal to restructure the department to improve patient flow, patient satisfaction, maintain safety, and reduce noise, stress, and congestion of the room. Some of the strategies developed to improve the patient’s chemotherapy experience include: a solution for practice improvement in dividing the department into two separate chemo rooms, the chemotherapy infusion room and the oral chemotherapy room which is located in Primary Care. This change provided added safety by decreasing interruptions and improvement of flow in the infusion area and provided privacy and a calm environment during oral chemotherapy visits and formal education sessions. Improvements were implemented in the chemo scheduling process also. Most recently, the staff nurses have advocated for our department to improve the setting to allow for more privacy for our patients. Some of the chairs do not have curtains separating the patients. We have gone to nursing leadership about the concerns of lack of privacy, resulting in a long term goal of getting relocated to another wing. In the interim, we are soon going to restructure our area which will improve privacy and work flow efficiency for the chemotherapy staff, with inclusion of an additional staff nurse and expansion of the chemotherapy scheduled hours. Our nurse manager is the head of more than just our department, is not present in our everyday functions, resulting in the staff nurses being very autonomous. It is of utmost importance for point of care nursing staff to advocate for change, to enlighten leadership to the needs of the department, so as to be provided the essentials in achieving and maintaining excellence in care delivery.

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