Directions: Choose either The Importance of Being Earnest or No Exit and select ON topic below. Write a multiple paragraph essay in which you directly address the issue presented. Use examples and quotes from the play for support.

Topic 1: Analyze the use of comedy in the play to explore a satirical statement it makes in regards to marriage, class or gender.

Topic 2: Do an in-depth analysis of the characters of the play. How are these characters used to satirize marriage, class or gender?

Topic 3: Focus on one satirical statement about marriage, class or gender. Write an essay in which you explore how you would adapt the play and what creative decisions you would make in order to highlight this theme. Be sure to discuss how specific scenes would be staged.

Requirements: Typed, double-spaced, four pages at a twelve-point font. Use MLA format. Sources can not be used or consulted.

Note: An A paper will have a thorough introduction that provides a set up for the analysis, a clear thesis that addresses the essay topic, a strong use of specific examples/quotes throughout the body, clear and distinct body points, a sound theme that provides a backbone to the analysis, well-structured individual paragraphs, a smooth recap at the end. An A paper will also be free of major writing and style errors.

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