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I need 200 words response for each discussion post. Please follow the instruction in the browse file. you either agree or disagree.

I need 200 words response for each discussion post.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Support your initial and subsequent posts by citing at least two scholarly and peer-reviewed sources in addition to the course text. The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types.

Forum 1)One psychosocial issue that could cause a serious issue in the school setting to me would be Bullying. Bullying can scare a person’s ability to feel be ant to bully and be mean to someone because they may act different or look different to them, beautiful, safe, and secure about who they are, and be lasting ongoing issue that will last forever by making them feel insecure, and not wanted along while feeling like no one cares about them. Bullying is a form of abuse, aggressiveness, coercion, force. There are other things that bullies do to feel like they are important or better than everyone else, like be dominated, intimidating, or threatening. “Bullying in schools, particularly bias-based bullying, is an important issue for many reasons, but chief among them include evidence that victims being bullied experience both short and long term consequences, including poor school performance, depression, and increased health problems” (Martin, M. E. (2018).

I believe that the services of all three would be required because the bully would be evaluated three different times on his behavior and other things that no one may know about. Each of them has their own specialty that would fit working with the bully and being able to determine what is the issue or problem that makes the bully act out of character the way he or she does.

“An analysis of this phenomenon in schools, according to different authors [1,7.8, reveals that children involved in bullying behavior can play different roles; (a) aggressors/intimidators; (b) victim; (c) aggressors who are also victims and (d) passive observers. These observers are neither directly involved as aggressors nor as victims. As such, they can play a number of different roles: they can defend the victims, thus reducing this type of behavior; they can support the aggressors, actively reinforcing intimidation; children who merely observe are neutral or indifferent”. ( (Links to an external site.) . There should something put into place that will stop individuals with aggressive behavior to stop bullying other individuals who just want to be themselves and live their lives. It leads to most children feeling depressed and wanting to end their lives because of it, and it happens in our society today children ending their lives because they are being targeted by bullies. Rules should also be put into place for the bullies to let them know what will happen if they continue to bully others.



Martin, M. E. (2018). Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings (4th ed.). Pearson.

The Involvement of Girls and Boys with Bullying: An Analysis…

Forum 2) Bullying is a psychosocial issue that many students encounter in a school setting. Bullying can be defined as any form of intimidation to someone who is perceived as vulnerable. Adolescents who endure the physical, mental and social risks of bullying often seek help from their school social workers. From what I remember in high school, social workers were always available to students throughout the school day, providing guidance on how to handle different issues and altercations that they might go through. According to the Introduction to Human Services Through the Eyes of Practice Settings, “social workers assist children in managing psychosocial issues that are creating a barrier to learning and academic achievement” (Martin, 2018, p. 254). Bullying has the ability to shift a child’s focus from their school work and the various  extracurricular activities that most schools have to offer. Being that bullying extends over a long period of time, it can potentially distract a student from achieving academic excellence and hinder them from multiple opportunities in the future. School social workers can provide students with different intervention strategies and ways to better express themselves without being malicious or trying to intentionally hurt someone else’s feelings. According to Social Work Intervention to Address the Phenomenon of Bullying amongst Learners in the School Setting: A Literature Review, “bullying is more likely to occur in places such as toilets, changing rooms, corridors and other locations where children and adolescents are less easily seen or supervised by teachers and other school staff” (Masilo, 2018, p. S4). In other words, bullying occurs when there is lack of supervision, and less chance for the perpetrator to get caught. A school social worker will be able to analyze bullying behavior and determine whether or not the student is going through something internally or if there are things going on at home that the student has now become immune to or a new learned behavior. It is not only important to consider the influences of the individual risk factors in regards to bullying, but how those influences change over adolescent development. “Bullying amongst learners in the school setting is a social issue and therefore, concerns the social worker” (Masilo, 2018, p. S4).


Masilo, D. T. (2018). Social Work Intervention to Address the Phenomenon of Bullying amongst Learners in the School Setting: A Literature Review. South African Journal of Education38.

Martin, M. E. (2018).  Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings  (4th ed.). Pearson.

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