The readings for this week focus on complex ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, and MANOVAs. In this discussion we will apply those concepts to the analysis of a case study.

Read the “Stroop Interference” case study presented in Chapter 20 of the Online Statistics Education text.

In the body of your posting, include an overview of the following based on the research questions, “Do males and females differ in the time it takes to correctly conduct the stroop tasks? Are there differences in the time it takes to correctly conduct the various stroop tasks – words, colors, or interference? Finally, does the effect of the stroop task type depend on the gender?”

  • Hypotheses: List the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses for the study.
  • Variables: Describe the independent and dependent variables, their levels, operational definitions, and characteristics (e.g., scale of measurement).
  • Data Analysis: You are given the information below from the ANOVA conducted. Summarize the specific type of statistical test conducted, the results obtained, and conclusions regarding the hypotheses (e.g, can we reject at the .05 or .01 level?). Be sure to describe why this specific ANOVA was selected and if a post-hoc test should be conducted.
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