Theoretical frameworks Outcome Addressed

Assignment DetailsUnit 5 Assignment: Theoretical frameworksOutcome Addressed:NU310-3: Examine connections among theory and nursing research.Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand how theoretical frameworks relate to and support nursing research and ultimately shape clinical practice and improve patient care.After completion of this assignment you will be able to apply a theoretical framework to a clinical research problem.Instructions:You will create a brief (no more than 10 slides) presentation containing the following information:1. Identify a clinical problem/topic that interests you or that you experience in your nursing practice.2. Choose and present a theory (either grand theory or middle range theory) that would support and provide a framework to address the problem/topic.3. Briefly discuss the theorist who created the theory and the history of how it was developed.4. Present an example of how this theory has been used in nursing research.The presentation should include:Introductory slide (title, your name,).Brief speaker notes for each slide.Bullet points and colorful graphs or schematics.Reference slide with 3-5 scholarly references.

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