This Is Due Tonight By 9:30 Pm (800 Words Or More)

Please view the following short video introducing you to the field of developmental psychology:
After viewing the video, please write a brief (800 words excluding Title Page) reflection on what you have viewed.  Unlike the remainder of the Brief Essays and the Final Paper in this course, this reflection paper is not meant to be a scholarly essay.  You are not required to use outside sources or in-text citations in this assignment (although you may do so if you just wish to practice).  This assignment is intended to help you become oriented to the course material and to reflect on your personal goals for the class.
Please answer the following questions and add any personal/professional experiences you may have that further illustrate your points:

  1. What previous experience, if any, do you have in the field of developmental psychology (remember that this doesn’t have to be professional experience; even babysitting or volunteering with the elderly exposes you to the populations we’ll be studying)?
  2. What topics are you most excited to study about in this course?
  3. Name three specific learning goals you have for the course (saying “I want to learn more about developmental psychology” is too general and will not qualify as a specific learning goal).
  4. Before delving into our text, do you have any previous knowledge of developmental theorists?  If so, which one(s)?
  5. Do you believe that knowledge gained through this course could positively impact your personal and/or professional lives?  If so, how?
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