The extended outline will present the topic you have selected for your Course Project. The purpose of the outline is to develop ideas for your argument and create a preliminary structure that will help you build your draft in the coming weeks. The format of the assignment is a sentence outline. Use APA style to document any sources referenced in your outline. An assignment template

See the assignment grading rubric below


Selected references for the assignment:

Atlas, R. S., & Pepler, D. J., “Observations of Bullying in the Classroom.” The Journal of Educational Research 92 (1998): 86-99. Print.

Bazelon, E. (2013, February 19). Interview by T. Gross [Radio series episode]. Today’s bullied teens subject to “sticks and stones” online, too. Fresh Air (NPR).

Cloud, J. (2012, March 12). The myths of bullying. Time, 179(10). Retrieved from http://www.time.com/time/magazine

Cornell, D. G., & Brockenbrough, K. (2004). Identification of bullies and victims: A comparison of methods. Journal of School Violence, 3(2-3), 63–87. doi:10.1300/J202v03n02_05

Murray, S. S., Hewitt, P., Maniss, S., & Molinatti, J. (2012). “They’re Just Being Kids”: Recognizing and preventing bullying. National Social Science Journal, 39(1), 56–64.

Scarpaci, R. T., “Bullying: Effective Strategies for Its Prevention.” Kappa Delta Pi Record, 42 (2006): 170-174. Print.

Whitney, I. & Smith, P. K., “A survey of the nature and extent of bullying in junior/middle and secondary schools” The Journal of Educational Research 35 (1993): 3-25. Print.

Week 4: Extended Outline










Central Idea/Focus: Thesis statement or main idea exists; all ideas consistently address this main idea.

Off-topic or irrelevant ideas should not exist.


Support/Development of Ideas: The outline explores key contextual issues and potential problems and solutions,.Ideas reflect clear research questions and provide potential subtopics.


Reseearch/Evidence: Research is represented in the outline and provides a clear connection to the thesis that illustrates the organization of subtopics.


Organization/Structure: The internal structure of a piece of writing, the thread of central meaning. All ideas are organized well without any missing or incomplete components. Each section of the outline includes 1-3 complete sentences with sufficient detail.


APA including Paper Format: Correct title page, headers, second page title, margins, alignment, spacing, font, and size.


Grammar, Mechanics, and Style: Grammar refers to correctness of language usage. Mechanics refers to conventional correctness in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Style includes word choice, sentence variety, clarity, and conciseness. Also, sentences vary in length and structure; ideas are clear, logical, and concise.


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