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Think back upon your first topic question in Unit 1 and the four assignments you completed in this course. What do you believe about the influences of theory on nursing practice? What value do you place on using a model for practice as an advanced practice registered nurse? How has your philosophy of advanced practice nursing changed over the last nine weeks? Question should be 3-4 paragraphs and have 3 references please. (I attached the 3 papers I did for the class)

This is my topic 1 answer:

“A philosophy of science is a perspective-a lens, a way one views the world , and in the case of advance practice nurses, the viewpoint the nurse acts from in every encounter with a patient, family or group” (Butts & Rich, 2015, p.3). It is the responsibility of nurses to be able to view science from various perspectives, including scientist, providers, patients, family and the society in which they live (Butts & Rich, 2015, p.11).

As a nurse working in a large teaching institution, I have had the opportunity to work with many novice and quite experienced nurses. I observe them and reflect on myself as a somewhat seasoned nurse. There are many nurses that I work with that are from different countries, religious backgrounds and hold different value systems. As a Christian, Ghanaian nurse, at times I have to really evaluate situation without bias and understand what the patient, co-worker or family member needs from me as a nurse. An interesting article I read published on says it best, “we walk alongside the patient as they continue to interact with and “within” their environment (hospital or home, young body or old body, and spiritual realms) and we enhance their ability to interact with it “better” (Nurseinterupted, 2012).

Two years ago my sister passed away from a rare condition and I was no longer the nurse, I was the concerned family member. It really put things in perspective for me and I realized how vulnerable we all are when we are ill or caring for our sick family members. I observed all the nurses that cared for her and saw first-hand how important empathy and compassion from nursing can improve the patient’s outcome. “As patient advocates, APNs should identify patient preferences in an emphatic and non-paternalistic fashion in order to navigate, coordinate and facilitate multi-disciplinary and patient-centered treatment plans” (Guia-Rayos, 2014).


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