types of conflict; sensation and perception

Final is separated into 2 parts Psy2012 I need no less than a 90%. Opens 7/27
Due 7/29 by 11:00pm EST
Part 1-95 questions-Time Limit 150 Minutes 1 time only allowed to take
Part 2-Common Course Assessment 25 questions not timed
Here is breakdown from professor. I also have attached the full book
Modules 1 to 14 related to psychology which should include conceptualization and all mentioned theorists and their theories and any stages (including Freud, Adler, Wundt, Piaget, Selman, Ellis, Rogers, Vygotsky, and Erickson); models as well as approaches of psychology; conditioning; genetics; types of research including hypothesis and theory as well as variables; relationships; types of psychology; the brain and its functions; the nervous system; neurons; endocrine system; heart disease; stress and coping; defense mechanism; types of conflict; sensation and perception; drugs and alcohol; sleep; addiction; psychological disorders; learning; memory; cognition; language; intelligence; problem solving; stages of pregnancy and labor; ethics; morality; empathy; consciousness; emotions; motivation; sexuality; gender; locus of control; personality assessments; DSM; therapy; culture; traits; cognitive dissonance; and attitudes.

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