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The course term paper will also serve as the Student Learning Outcome project. It should consist of 1,500 words.

The Student will:

Investigate, analyze and write a report on the legal issues presented by the a legal situation with which the student is familiar, focusing on those areas of law presented in this course, such as torts, crimes and contract law.

To the Following Standard:

Identifies an appropriate legal situation; designs an investigation plan to acquire the necessary facts of the situation; conducts the investigation, identifies the issues these facts present; writes a report on the legal issues and possible solutions, and makes an oral presentation before their fellow students.

Plan of Action:

  1. Identify an appropriate legal situation

from your own experience or that of your friends neighbours and family members

  1. design an investigation plan to acquire the necessary facts of the situation

list what information you need and where to acquire it

  1. conducts the investigation

acquire the information by

interviewing those impacted by the situation

researching the law in the textbook (Business Law: Text and Cases 13th Edition)

  1. identify the issues these facts present

an issue identifies the question of law raised by the facts and mentions the key facts to put the legal question into context

  1. write a report on the legal issues and possible solutions

outline your report using the FIRAC outline but with much more detail

Possible Format of the Report

Introduction – The Story Complete story about 500 words, who, what when where

Key Facts – Material a paragraph of the facts which will make a difference to the outcome

Issue — pick one that matches the material of one of the chapters

Rule – describe the rule and it elements – use the chapters to find this rule

Analysis – apply key facts to each element of the rule


  1. legal / logical outcome based on your analysis
  2. what really happened – compare theoretical result to real life
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