Unit 2: Quadratic Functions Mid Checkpoint Apply

Lessons 1 – 5

Please complete the following questions. It is important that you show all work you did to solve the problems when you submit your work. This includes any calculations, diagrams, or graphs that helped you solve it.

  1. OPEN ENDED Choose two integers. Then write an equation with those roots in standard form. How would the equation change if the signs of the two roots were switched?
  2. OPEN ENDED Write two complex numbers with a product of 10.
  3. OPEN ENDED Write a perfect square trinomial equation in which the linear coefficient is negative and the constant term is a fraction. Then solve the equation.
  4. OPEN ENDED Graph a quadratic equation that has a
    a. positive discriminant
    b. negative discriminant
    c. zero discriminant
  5. Writing in Math Use the information on page 273 to explain how to solve a quadratic equation using the Zero Product Property. Explain why you cannot solve x(x + 5) = 24 by solving x = 24 and x + 5 = 24.
  6. Writing in Math Use the information on page 281 to explain how complex numbers are related to quadratic equations. Explain how the a and c must be related if the equation ax2 + c = 0 has complex solutions and give the solutions of the equation 2x2 + 2 = 0.
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