use megastat software to answer questions

Use, Megastat, to prepare complete answers to the questions.

Submit both a Word file with answers and a Megastat output in an Excel file.

Problem 1 Correlation and Linear Regression

Use the data in the State database (attached) and use the 2 variables- “Cancer” and “Smoking,” both or which are in the Health category. Include your answers on below and submit your Megastat output as well . Clearly mark what it is you are submitting.

Correlation and Linear Regression Problem

  1. Correlation portion: What is the statistical association between the two variables? Produce a scatter diagram to support your conclusion.
  2. Determine the coefficient of correlation between the two variables. Interpret the value. Do the population hypothesis test of no correlation and state the results.
  3. Regression portion: Use smoking as your “x” variable and cancer as your “y” variable. So the model we are testing is simple, state smoking has an effect on measured state cancer. What is the value of the standard error of estimate? Interpret the value in your answer.
  4. What is the value of the coefficient of determination?
  5. Provide an interpretation of the computed value for the coefficient of determination.
  6. What is the regression equation?

Please only take assignment if you have MegaStat software, it is required. Original work only, contact me with any questions ASAP.

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