Vaccinations are a pseudo-requirement for many children, whether at birth or as a requirement to attend school.

Vaccinations need to be made mandatory for all children, only allowing for medical exemptions to be made.  Currently there is a state by state consideration as to what qualifies as an exemption from vaccination.  A 2016 research study shows that 15% of children are under-immunized due to their parents skeptical beliefs about the safety of immunizations and the idea that they are overly immunized (Rabinowitz, 2016).

Vaccine exemption based upon personal belief is allowed in 15 states and by 45 for religious belief.  By not mandating vaccines we are creating a public health risk, which can be outlined with the current Coronavirus, and putting those that can truly not receive vaccinations at higher risk as herd immunity effectiveness is reduced.

reply 2

Problem statement: Mandatory Overtime for RNs is an unsafe practice that endangers the safety of patients and nurses. Nurses working an excessive number of hours can jeopardizes their career and the future of healthcare. When nurse is overworked and tired it can lead to mistakes and overlooking specific details. Patient safety is the primary goal of healthcare and it is being compromised by mandatory overtime for RNs.

Literature review: In my own words a literature review will not reflect my opinion on the topic, but it will review the work and the authors view on the matter. It is a way to present the work and summarize it. In my literature review I will not make a new argument, instead I will recapitulate and collect information of what is already being said. A literature review will give me the tools in order to interpret the subject being reviewed. My literature review will give me an insight and facts about the impact of mandatory overtime for nurses.

Most important takeaways:

The department of labor the restrictions of consecutive hours of work and over time for RNs were initiated on July 1, 2009. This rule was finally approved on September 27, 2011 and published on October 12, 2011. Also, the department of labor states that prohibiting overtime will not apply in case of emergencies and disasters.

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