Virtual Conference: Call For Posters

Effective clinical innovations and the dissemination of research findings are key elements in the growth and development of the psychology profession. There are numerous avenues that enable authors to publish and present their work. Poster presentations at conferences are effective methods for communicating research findings and providing opportunities to meet with other researchers and clinicians to discuss the research being presented. Thus, these types of conference presentations play a key role in the proliferation of research.

In this week’s discussion, you will be submitting your proposal for the Week Five Virtual Conference. You may utilize relevant assignments from previous courses in this program or suitable projects from your professional life. See the PSY699 Call for Student Poster (Links to an external site.) Presentations document for specific parameters and instructions on how to create your proposal. Following the guidelines presented in the document, create your proposal and attach it to your initial post in the discussion forum. Evaluate the impact participating in conference presentations may have on potential work settings and/or doctoral programs and comment on the following questions in your initial post.

  • How are conference presentations professionally relevant?
  • What elements of the proposal process were most difficult for you, and why?
  • What positive outcomes do you anticipate will come from this process, which may be applied to potential work settings and/or doctoral programs?PSY699: Master of Arts in Psychology CapstoneCall for Student Poster Presentations

    We invite you to submit a proposal for the Virtual Conference that will occur in Week Five of this course.

    The Virtual Conference is designed to bring the class together to review and evaluate poster presentations

    of technical, professional, and/or scientific interest to psychology professionals.

    To submit your poster proposal, include the following information in a document attached to your initial


    • Poster Title

    • Author Information

    • Abstract (300 to 500 words maximum)

    • List of References

    The abstract should concisely explain the purpose and content of the poster. Abstracts for empirical

    studies, literature reviews, and meta-analyses should include the following sections: Objectives, Method,

    Results, Conclusions, and Implications. Abstracts for case studies, theoretical and methodological

    studies, and other projects should include the following sections: Purpose, Description, Assessment, and


    The poster proposal must represent your original work. Work already published in another conference or

    journal will not be accepted. Please see the instructions for the Week Five Virtual Poster Conference

    Discussion for the Poster Submission Guidelines in order to prepare your poster for presentation.

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