W7 Assignment "Crime in the Media" Introduction to Sociology II

W7 Assignment “Crime in the Media”

Introduction to Sociology II

Crime in the Media

Spend time noting images of crime in the media on television and/or in movies. Watch the nightly news, television programs, movies, and read newspaper articles (online or in print). Keep a journal of what types of crimes are reported, discussed or shown, who are the perpetrators of the crime (gender, race, ethnicity, age, social class), who are the victims of the crime (gender, race, ethnicity, age, social class), and how is the crime handled by law enforcement. Note the overall message about crime in society that you receive from these images.

Go to the website for the Bureau of Justice Statistics at www.bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov. Click on the subheading, “Crime Type,” at the left side of the page. Read through the summaries for each crime type, noting major themes and trends.

Write a 400 word essay describing your findings from the media analysis and comparing these media images with the information you found on the website for the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Be sure to discuss, differences between media images about crime and realities based on national statistics. What information from the website surprised you? What is your overall reaction about this information? Why do you think the media portrays crime as increasing, when national numbers show that violent crime has been decreasing since 1994?


W7 Discussion “The Corporation”

Introduction to Sociology II

The Corporation

After watching the documentary, The Corporation (There are 23 separate videos to this film; should be approximately 180 minutes). Located at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pin8fbdGV9Y&playnext=1&list=PLFA50FBC214A6CE87), in at least 400 words, answer the following questions regarding corporate deviance and crime:

What pathologies does a corporation engage in that could be considered deviate and/or criminal behavior in society?

What are the social consequences of corporate deviance and crime?

What structural conditions create the environment that leads to corporate deviance and crime?

What laws or regulations might help curb corporate crime?

Based on the information in this video and your own experiences, what type of crime has more long-term and serious consequences on society, street crime or corporate crime?


Abnormal Psychology

This week you will be completing a assessment. Your answers should be in paragraph format and include the appropriate citations and a full reference at the end of each section. Each question requires at least one paragraph but should not exceed four paragraphs.

1. What are dissociations? What forms can they take? How are they caused, and which treatment approach do you think should be used and why?

2. What are acute and posttraumatic stress disorders, and how are they diagnosed?

3. What is the purpose of the multiaxial model of mental disorders? Identify and describe each of the axes in the DSM-5.

4. What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder? What are the primary treatment approaches for bipolar disorder?

5. Which factor (environmental, social, or genetic) do you think has the most impact of psychopathology? Why do you believe this? What research article supports your opinion, include the full reference to this research article.

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