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According to the article, “If the team members are unable to provide information and understanding to each other actively, accurately, and quickly, subsequent actions may be ineffective or even harmful” ( Mitchell et al, 2012). An example cited are the “hand-offs” report that has been associated with preventable “adverse events” or “near miss events” due to miscommunication and uncoordinated care among the healthcare team. Incidents like these can contribute to avoidable high cost of care and more importantly could cause patient risk and safety. Thus, incorporating and providing strategies to achieve high quality teamwork have been suggested to overcome these events. These strategies include identifying high performing team members/individuals and recognizing effective leadership.

“Leaders and members who employ inclusionary practices such as soliciting input from all stakeholders in the healthcare process, recognizing successful practices and consistently facilitating positive communication create psychological safety, which encourages participation and engagement in collaborative healthcare practices” ( Weiss et al, 2014). Therefore, effective leader and team member significantly impacts quality of care and patient care outcomes. To encourage open communication, build confidence on the attribute of each member and to provide honest and transparent leadership will successfully build high quality team work.

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