Week 3 Discussion Board

Week 3: Scientific Underpinnings for Practice: Nursing Theory22 unread replies.22 replies.As the nursing profession evolves, practice knowledge is increasing and theories are moving ever closer to the bedside. Conduct aliterature search to locate a nursing journal articlethatutilizes a theoryas atheoretical foundationanddescribe how this theory was operationalized. Reflect upon thistheoryand address the following.· Describe themajor conceptsof theselected nursing theory.· Explainhow thisselected nursing theoryapplies to thenursing metaparadigmregarding a) person, (b) health, (c) environment and (d) nursing.·Explainhow thisselected nursing theorycan beappliedto a nursing practice problem in yourunique setting.Please review the Graduate Discussion Grading Guidelines and Rubric  (Links to an external site.)for complete discussion requirements.*******3Sources . Scholarly Citation ( NO OLDER than 5 years ) ,APA format 6 edition

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