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Three attributes that are needed for a sustainable health system are affordability, acceptability, and adaptability (Fineburg, 2012). The health system needs to be affordable to families, patients, employers, and the government (Fineburg, 2012). The health system needs to be acceptable to patients and health professionals (Fineburg, 2012). The system must also be adaptable because the system is always undergoing changes (Fineburg, 2012).

Today the health system in the United States is expensive and inefficient. According to Fineburg there is a great need to enhance the performance of the current health care system and to get more value for each dollar spent (2012). Fineburg provides recommendations to ensure that efficiency, sustainability, and optimal functioning become a larger part of providing a sustainable health system (2012).As a whole the recommendation is to attack the problem from many fronts and in its entirety because there is no one solution to the problem. Recommendations include the increased use of information technology to make healthcare more efficient, the use of preventative care to make a healthier population while also increasing cost savings, and using accountable care organizations to treat those with chronic illnesses which gives these patients better but less expensive care (Fineburg, 2012).

Some recommendations put forth are for every healthcare professional to consider. This includes combating the costs associated with quality and safety such as reducing preventable healthcare acquired infection and reducing costs associated with preventable readmissions (Fineburg, 2012). Treat patients with multiple health needs in ways that will promote that they may remain at home (Fineburg, 2012). Providing patients with choices in their care especially those that have late stage illnesses, instead of treating them aggressively against their will let them have options that are less invasive and will allow them to remain at home with family (Fineburg, 2012). Improving system engineering and operation research to improve the flow of patients can be used to avoid overcrowding in hospitals (Fineburg, 2012). Participate in data gathering and performance in order to increase patient care which can lead to improvements in practice (Fineburg, 20120. Also each health care professional can practice accountability, support team based care and Interprofessional education (Fineburg, 2012).
Each of these recommendations not only helps to improve the efficiency of healthcare but also improves the costs associated with it which leads to sustainability and optimal functioning.

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