WEEK 7 Assignment: Reflect On Enhanced Learning

Warm-Up 7.1: Continue to Work on Signature Assignment

By this point in your research paper, you are now ready to prepare an outline of your Signature Assignment. Preparing your outline will help you organize your thoughts, realize any areas that need more research, and get valuable feedback from your instructor before actually preparing the Signature Assignment.

Write a detailed outline of your research paper, including in-text citation for 10 sources and a reference list with 10 entries. The detailed outline should include all elements of your paper, including:

• Introduction
• The three subtopics noted earlier
• Conclusion

Your three subtopics may have changed as a result of your research. Elaborate on each of the subtopics with two or more sub-points in outline format. Include any quotes you intend to use in your paper, inserting them along with their citation, at the appropriate place in your outline.

If you have resources that no longer fit into the outline of your paper, create a “Future Research” category at the end of the outline for material you may want to use in another paper. Note any areas that need more references to support them.


After reviewing the articles and videos on brain enhancement, carefully think about the advantages, disadvantages, and ethical implications of enhanced learning. Imagine that you have been asked to prepare an article in a psychology newsletter on the ethical implications of learning enhancement. Write a reflection paper that discusses your own ethical viewpoint toward the use of brain enhancement. Some of the issues you might consider in preparing your paper are:

• What types of pharmaceutical enhancements are currently being used? Of these, which ones are commonly considered acceptable, which ones are controversial?
• What types of brain/computer interfaces have already taken place? What might be the future of such interfaces?
• Will brain enhancements be equally available to all diverse groups? What happens if they are not?
• Who controls how brains are enhanced and who receives enhancement?
Support your paper with at least three additional scholarly resources.

Length: 3-5 pages; including 3 references

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