Week 8 SOAP Note Assignment

This week, you will submit a SOAP note.Select a “patient” (friend or family member) on whom to perform a complete H&P.NOTE: DO NOT USE REAL NAMES OR INITIALS OR OTHERWISE IDENTIFY YOUR “PATIENT.” FAILURE TO MAINTAIN PRIVACY WILL RESULT IN A FAILING SCORE.Using the format specified below, write a 1 to 2 page SOAP note on your “patient.” The HPI should be presented in a paragraph, and the rest of the data including the ROS should be presented in a list format.Collect only the information that is pertinent to the chief complaint of the patient to include in your SOAP note. Aim for a single page using normal margins and format.The SOAP Note must contain all required elements as outlined in the rubric below.You must self-score your SOAP note using the rubric and attach it to the assignment.

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