Week 9 Discussion

PICOT Question:For hospitalized patients on a general medicine unit with Foley catheters (P), does implementation of nursing Foley bundles, accompanied with continual education on Foley bundles (I), compared to using no nursing Foley bundles/continual education (C), decrease the incidence of hospital-acquired catheter-associated urinary tract infections (O), over one year (T)?Institute of Medicine has set a goal to have 90% of practice decisions to be based on Evidence by 2020 with the goal to improve care.The intent of the dissemination of EBP results is that the information and intervention is aimed at a specific clinical practice audience.  The main objective of dissemination is to increase and advance knowledge regarding evidence-based interventions for greater application and patient outcomes.In determining the best mode of EBP dissemination you must answer these questions:Who will benefit from receipt of this evidence?Where will this evidence have the greatest impact?What resources are needed?Who is the most appropriate audience?What are the benefits of this evidence to your selected audience?What are the potential risks of failing to disseminate this evidence?What are the barriers to dissemination of evidence?Choose one of the following modes of dissemination and discuss why it was chosen.  Assure you have attended to questions 1-7 above.Power point presentation

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