Week Five Discussion Need Turnit Report With Work My Topic Will Be ADHD In Adolescents Has To Be Original

Discussion Instructions:

1. Students will use the Keiser University Online Library to find a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles (including articles found during previous weeks IF they apply to the student’s topic).  All articles must be from Psychology Journals and address a psychological construct (i.e., topic).

2. For the initial discussion post, design an outline that will be used to create the Literature Review required as part of the Week 5-7 project.  Use the following template when posting an outline for your initial discussion.

3. Students will then improve the outline during the week with the help of other students and the Professor.  Once completed, students will cut/paste the outline information and submit it as part of their Week 5 assignment, along with their annotated bibliography.

4. Attach the articles to your initial discussion post.

When responding to other students this week, help each other develop a precise topic for the Week 5-7 project.  Provide specific feedback including examples.  The following template can be used this week to create the initial discussion post.

NOTE: as always for every discussion and assignment, students must properly cite resources in-text and in a “References” list.

DISCUSSION OUTLINE TEMPLATE (after revisions, cut and paste the final outline and submit as part of the Week 5 assignment):

Hello Class,

Introduction (do not actually create a section heading called Introduction as that is assumed): provide a short paragraph introducing the reader to the main topic and the key concepts that will be addressed in the literature review assignment (Weeks 5-7).

Theme One (create a new section heading based on your topic theme): describe in 2-3 words the first main topic of your literature review. Next, briefly (4-5 sentences) describe the information you will discuss in your Literature Review paper and cite articles that will support your discussion.

EXAMPLE:  imagine a student’s topic is “Writing a Literature Review Strategies for Psychology Graduate Students”.  The first section might be “Annotated Bibliography and Outline” because that is a main theme found in the literature (DO NOT USE THIS THEME FOR YOUR PAPER).  The section description could describe how this section will define and explain the concepts (Smith, 2001; Mohammed, 2015).  The section description could also include, for example, how Section One will address how an outline and an annotated bibliography is created and formatted (Chang, 2017; Rodriguez, 2014; Conner, 2000).

Theme Two (create a new section heading based on your topic theme): describe in 2-3 words the second main topic of your literature review. Next, briefly (4-5 sentences) describe the information you will discuss in your LIterature Review paper and cite articles that will support your discussion.

Theme Three if you find one

Conclusion (a discussion and/or Conclusion section is an appropriate section heading): summarize the discussion and add comments addressing how the outline and subsequent literature review can still be improved.  Perhaps even ask for help by addressing specific questions or concerns.  For example, students might state “one of the challenges with this outline is there appears to be limited research on the topic of creating an annotated bibliography”.  This comment could help other students and the Professor provide the student with useful feedback.

References (centered on new page)

list all references included in the outline

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