Weekly Discussion

 Hmmm, religion stays a major player in our conference discussions.  In this session we find ourselves at the Council of Trent with the church trying to make sense of the calendar, which is based on a not so accurate charting of the stars, and based on Aristotle’s fixed universe.  Let’s have an edified (based on evidence) conversation.  Which of the array of discoveries or solutions of this period known as the scientific revolution do you find the most intriguing and why?  Capernicus?  Tartaglia?  Brahe?  Galileo?  Kepler?  Newton?  Boscovich?  Quite an all start line up.  As you discuss one or more of them remember the theme of this reading is that a new sense of science was gaining foothold with millennial church traditions and compromises, even, are broached.  It science taking over religion or are the coexisting nicely.  Looking forward to this discussion session.  Remember, use evidence in offering your arguments/discussions.  
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