1. What are pteropods? How will ocean acidification affect them and why is it important for oceans?

2. What changes occurred the last time the oceans acidified (65 million years ago) (? (Dr. Caldeira discusses this). What percent of GDP would be lost by addressing the carbon problem?

3. What technology is being used by Norway to generate energy without releasing CO2?

4. How is Google going solar? How much power are they generating?

5. What does the film have to say about the occurrence of songs/singing in nature (the evolutionary selection of song/singing)? Why was the singing of humpback whales important for the moratorium on commercial whaling by the IWC?

6 If you were the USA government (its current policy is to end whaling), how would you entice, embarrass, harass, coerce or otherwise convince other counties to reject whaling? (there is no wrong answer to this, and I’m not saying its the “correct” policy. I’m only curious. Just be somewhat thoughtful).

film link:http://docuseek2.com/bf-seachn

go to the main page and typing “a sea change” in keyword research, the op one is the required film,please register an account first, then you can watch the film.

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