What are your thoughts Strategic planning is the process in which organizational leaders purposefully look ahead into the future, outline goals for the organization, and develop a process to reach these goals.

With health care being in constant change and being faced with significant challenges it is important to have continuous improvement. The current strategic planning of organizations is consumer based it is mainly driven by customer satisfaction level. Nurses strategically plan on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, 5-10 years strategies that help us achieve our gaols. Strategic planning looks into the future focuses on what the future will look like in short term or long term. Planning for the future requires an understanding of the organizations mission and vision. Managers should achieve outcomes for their identified goals and planning for the future should be considered a priority.

Factors that affect future planning of organizations include level of staff expertise, budgeting, level of care provided and time.Leaders can utilize SWOT analysis as an effective planning tool that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis can help organization identifying what its doing right and what needs to be changed in the organization. SWOT helps organizations build strategic plans to meet gals, improve operations and keep the business relevant.

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