Women’s Health Mini Paper

you will write a two-part mini-paper on our topic this week, Women’s Health and Feminist Ideals.

Before starting your paper, make sure that you have read the five (5) short articles in this week’s Modules 4 required for Mini-paper 2.

Your paper should include the following:

· Part 1:  Describe the history of nursing in the US since the Civil War and how the values of ethics of care; critical self-reflection, and commitment to social change been a part of nursing’s heritage and ethics?

· Part 2:  Based on the articles you were required to read for Mini-paper 2, how do you think gender bias/gap functions in institutional medicine?

Paper Requirements:

· For Part 1, write four (4) paragraphs on Part 1 your Mini-paper 2.

· For Part 2, write four (4) paragraphs on how you think gender bias/gap functions in institutional medicine.

· Part 2 can be independent of Part 1, however, your paragraphs must flow into a cohesive narrative.

· Using APA formatting, cite any sources you use to support your responses.

· Mini-papers should be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

· Submit your papers via Textbox entry on Canvas.

· If it is easier for you, you can compose your mini-paper in the word processor of your choice (MS Word, Notes, Pages, etc.) and then copy and paste it into the textbox.

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