It is a Management Information System class!

4-5 page single-spaced paper on the topic. The paper is to be submitted electronically but should be formatted as if you were going to print it.

Ideally, it is feasible to write on the IS/IT function at your place of employment. Identify the computer platforms (mainframe, LANs, WANs. PCs), transaction processing systems, general software utilized by employees, etc. Are any CRM systems utilized? SCM? ERP? What types of database systems are supported? Are DSS employed? If so, what types? what purposes? If not, in what areas could they be employed? For what types of decisions? Are expert systems utilized? Are intelligent systems utilized? Are there any intranet applications? How is the IT support staff organized? Is there one central IT/IS department? Is the IT/IS support staff distributed across several locations? Are any of your systems outsourced? off-shored? What types of computer security precautions are taken? Is their an email policy? Is there an Internet policy? Is there a policy for employees or customers on information rights or obligations? Are any mobile applications available for field personnel? Are any mobile applications in the planning phase?

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