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Use the attached files to think of a topic that relates to food justice problem. Must from these aspects: Focus on Three Sub-Themes of Food Justice: 1) Labor, 2) Food Security , 3) Food Sovereignty . Word count: 350

1) At this point, what food justice problem are you interested in defining in Essay #1, and why? What do you think is engaging/important/or otherwise valuable about learning more about this topic? What challenges do you anticipate in researching this topic for Essay #1?

2) Did you do any research – of tertiary sources, secondary sources, whatever – to arrive at this topic? If you did, briefly describe your process, such as what resources you used, search terms and/or revisions, and any other tips or tricks that your classmates might find helpful. If you have not done any research, briefly describe your early plan for researching this topic, including resources you plan on using, search terms, and/or questions you want to seek answer/information on.

Your initial post must address both set of questions directly and clearly.

You must also offer a productive reply to one classmate that does does the following:

  • Offers one suggestion to your classmate about what an audience member might find interesting/engaging/ or otherwise valuable about defining their problem, and
  • Asks one question that you’d like that person to attempt to answer about their topic in Essay #1.
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