you are ecologist studying population gerbils can be found nature 3 different colors 1

You are an ecologist studying a population of gerbils that can be found in nature with 3 different colors. An individual gerbil can be, dark brown, medium brown, or light brown. There are 2 alleles for this gene B and b. The color trait is determined by incomplete dominance. This is a case where one allele is not dominant over the other but instead heterozygous individuals show an intermediate phenotype. In this case of incomplete dominance Dark brown individuals are homozygous BB, medium brown individuals are heterozygous Bb, and light brown individuals are homozygous bb. You spend a night trapping and catch…. 10 Dark brown gerbils 10 Medium brown gerbils 10 Light brown gerbils What is the gene pool in this population? What is the gene frequency in this population?
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