1.Identify the many diverse views and perspectives that characterize the study of juvenile delinquency and reflect its interdisciplinary nature.

2.Interpret the theory, law, policy, and practice in the study of the juvenile system and relate the juvenile system to the adult.

3.Apply current information about the juvenile justice system in theory and practice.

4.Recognize the complexity of social, political, and economic systems and problems and develop ways to contribute to the solution of such problems as they involve the juvenile justice system.

Core Assessment

Students will write essays discussing the following issues:

ISSUE #2: How to reduce the incidence of the human trafficking of children.

In each essay, the student will formulate a reaction statement on the controversial issue, articulate the opinions from other source, and reach a personal opinion. All submissions must include the following technical components:

·Minimum length: Each essay will be five to six pages (i.e., 1,250-1,500 words) in length.

·An abstract, reference page, and a cover page will be included in each essay, but will not count as part of the minimum page (word) length.

·A minimum of five sources will be used to locate opinions on the provided topics.

Essays must be in APA format.

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