Read the passage and answer the question below.

There once was a man who worked very hard. His young Wife felt neglected. While he had gone off on yet another trip, his young wife met a handsome man who invited her to his house across the river. The young wife went along and spent the night with him, but left at dawn, knowing that her Husband would be returning home later that morning.

But, alas, the bridge was now blocked by a Madman, who killed everyone who came near him. The young wife walked along the path beside the river and met a Ferryman, but he demanded $10 to take her to the other side. The young wife had no money, but she remembered a Friend who lived nearby. She went to the friend and explained her plight, but the friend was disillusioned by her immoral behavior and refused to help. She then returned to her Lover and asked him for the $10. He refused. The young wife then attempted to go across the bridge and the Madman killed her.

Who was responsible for the woman’s death? Assign #1 to the person most responsible, #2 to the second most responsible, etc. Please present a well-reasoned justification for each of your 6 rankings.

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