Answer the following questions The concept of culture refers not only to global differences between countries or ethnic groups, but also to very small-scale cultural environments.

  Your home may have a different culture from the homes of your friends, our campus may have a different culture from your workplace, the culture of your house of worship may differ from the culture of a sports stadium or your gym.  In these different environments, different personality traits or characteristics may be valued. 

Think about two of the environments in your own life (your “normal” life before the time of our quarantine) where you feel there are different values or expectations. Briefly answer these questions in a few sentences:

1. What are one or two traits or personality characteristics that have different valuations or expectations in the two environments?

2. How does your own behavior or personality change when you are in the different environments? 

3. To what extent does the change as you move between the environments of your own life require a deliberate effort on your part (versus happening without your trying)?

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