Biography of a Killer and Art Expression Project (Serial Killer, Mass Murderer or Spree Killer) Assignment

Directions: Over the course of history in the United States and across the world, Serial killers have emerged as one of the most frightening and challenging facets of crime solving, crime analysis and criminal profiling. As a challenge to you as a student, your assignment is to select a serial killer, review his/her biographical life-story and account for major life events, that the literature provides as clues to understanding the psychopathy that underlined the life of the killer and that may have led to him or her to engaging in the murderous rampage that ultimately led to multiple victims. I choose Ted Bundy

As a part of your brief Oral presentation (4 to 5 minutes), you are to share the following:

1. Brief bio of Serial, Spree Or Mass Murderer selected, (15 points)

2. Brief Victim Profile of those who lost their lives at the hands of the killer you selected, (25 points)

3. Brief description of crime (s) & crime scenes associated with your killer indicating if you believe he or she was an organized or disorganized murderer, (25 points)

4. Original Art Expression that you believes best reflects what you know about the killer’s personality or behavior or crimes she/he was believed to have engaged, (85 points)

· Art work must be yours, and it must be original. Art work can be in the form of a sketch, painting, drawing, song lyric, poem, computerized digital art format, a constructed element, etc. Please seek instructor approval if you believe you have an unusual art form you wish to present and you are unsure of its appropriateness for this assignment. If a song or lyric is used, the presenter may use the music from an existing piece but the lyrics must be original and related to the Serial Killer being presented.

· 4. Oral presentations MUST not be accompanied by a Power Point. Each student presenter should also NOT be reliant on having to read their presentation but instead appear to have a firm grasp on the topics to be shared based on the questions posed by the assignment. It is OK to have note cards but not OK to rely on them verbatim in order to share oral report to class. Reading of presentation will result in up to a 15 point deduction for the presentation.

· Prior to starting oral presentation, each student must provide the course instructor with a written copy of their comments in response to items 1, 2 and 3 above. Item 4 should provide a very brief description of the art medium they are presenting. The write up should include the student’s name, name of the assignment and the name of the “killer” they are presenting. Paper should not exceed 1 page single spaced, 12 font and must be clearly marked so that reader can discern each item to which the writer is responding. Failure to turn in this write up to the instructor prior to the presentation may result in reduced points awarded for the presentation on all items required for the presentation.

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