bracket any sentences comma splices and label them cs also bracket any run sentences and lab

Bracket any sentences with comma splices and label them (CS). Also bracket any run-on sentences and label them (RO). Rare books can be extremely valuable. Most books have to be in good shape to fetch high prices nevertheless some remain valuable no matter what. A first edition of Audubon’s Birds of America can be worth more than a million dollars however it must be in good condition. On the other hand, even without a cover, an early edition of Cotton Mather’s An Ecclesiastical History of New England will be worth at least three thousand dollars. Generally speaking, the newer a book is the more important its condition, even a book from the 1940s will have to be in excellent condition to be worth three figures. There are other factors that determine a book’s value, certainly whether the author has signed it is important. Even students can collect books for instance they can search for bargains and great “finds” at yard and garage sales. In addition, used-book and author sites on the Internet offer opportunities for beginning collectors.
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