chemistry w4

Part 1


State three examples each of acids,bases and salt commonly used in therapeutic process.  From the examples you state, select one acid, one base, and one salt and describe how and where is used in the therapeutic process.  Please note that your examples should not duplicate those already shared in your reading.



Your response should be at least 2-3 paragraphs.


Part 2


A 55 year old women visits a popular eatery for lunch.  She orders a cheese and bacon pwhich with extra cheese and has about 3 large glasses of cola (ph value 3).  On the way back home, she experiences heart burn and abdominal pain  and had difficulty breathing.  She drinks a lots of water  and had to consume milk of  magnesium (ph value 10.5). Before she felt comfortable again. 


*Classify the liquids she has consume as acid or alkaline.


*State the pH values of water and blood.


*State what the patient can include to avoid in her diet on a regular basis to avoid

these symptoms in the future.



Your response should be 2-3 paragraphs.








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