Crafting a Research Study Outline

Before you immerse yourself in this Assignment, look back at the past weeks and celebrate the complex tasks you have accomplished in a relatively short time: You started out by identifying a rather general topic of interest in early childhood. Then, you narrowed the scope of the general topic to subtopics and chose one on which to focus. From there, you developed a research question, conducted an abbreviated literature review, and made sure you considered any issues related to ethics. And most recently, you showed your creativity, as well as your understanding of research designs, by applying quantitative and qualitative design principles to your simulation and evaluating the consequences of these actions in the simulated study. You have come a long way since Week 1!

Now, you are prepared to review all of these individual pieces and assemble them into a coherent whole, i.e., create a Simulated Research Study outline. This outline will contain all the previous elements but in a refined and focused form. The supporting document “Crafting a Research Study Outline” contains a series of sequential steps designed to help you organize and refine the major elements of all previous simulation exercises, in order to create a strong, meaningful research study outline.

For this Assignment,

Your task with this Assignment is to create a research study outline based on information from all previous research simulations. This outline will contain many previously developed elements but in a more refined and focused form. Below is a series of sequential steps designed to help you organize and refine the major elements of all previous simulation exercises, and craft a strong, meaningful research study outline.

To complete this Assignment, first read over the components below. Then, as you write your paper, refer to the Research Simulation Application Assignments you completed in Weeks 1–6, and think about any changes you might want to make based on what you have learned in the course and your Instructor’s feedback. Reflect on any insights you have now that let you view the previous Simulation Assignments in a new light. Then, construct your paper to include all of the following:

  1. State the title of your research simulation
  2. Describe the major topic and the overall goal
  3. State the major research question(s)
  4. Name and describe the independent variable(s) as well as the dependent variable(s) in your simulation
  5. Briefly describe any extraneous variables and in what way(s) you will control them
  6. Name the research design you woulduse (i.e., quantitative design, qualitative design, or mixed method design), andthe reasons for your choice Note: If you decided to use a quantitative design, and if it is appropriate, state the hypothesis. If you do not state a hypothesis, explain your reasoning.
  7. Describe the study participant(s)
  8. Describe ways in which you will choose your participant(s) ( i.e., describe your sampling process)
  9. Discuss any sampling issues/challenges you might encounter
  10. Describe the data collection method(s) you will use—and what influenced your choice
  11. List at least one way you will assure that your study is valid
  12. Describe any major ethical issue(s) you perceive for your study— and ways you will address ethics
  13. Describe limitations/challenges you perceive in your study
  14. Name at least one way you anticipate this study could make a contribution to the field of early childhood (i.e., who do you anticipate will benefit and in what way(s))

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