Below is a 2 documents along with a copied discussion regarding the first parts of this assignment. Please read and the 2 answer the below questions accordingly. Please use APA style and citations. 3 pages

HI All,

Based on this assessment the people that I would need to engage for my advocacy efforts is Senator Rob Portman (he fights the opioid epidemic), Lilida, Andrew, and Melissa Schore are all owners in my current work place and which I think can make a difference in changing the opioid based programs we currently run. Since my policy is to change the current comprehensive addiction act that is set in place I would first try to contact Senator Rob Portman through email and mail. I would start by telling him my ideas and see if we can work together to make some changes to this policy because the addiction community are having an adverse reaction from using opioids. I would also have a meeting with the Schores listed above to see if we can implement a new way of treating patients who come into the facility.

The affected population is the addiction community

The issues due to the opioid treatment

  • People are dying
  • It is a serious health risk in the long run
  • A lot of accidents such as car accidents are caused by someone under the influence of an opioid
  • Opioid treatments can also have an adverse effect on a individual because they can have withdrawal symptoms

The desired cost of action would be to come up with a treatment that wouldn’t have a negative effect on the patient’s body or health. I feel it is important that we address those issues because I believe if we do we will start to see a positive change in the addiction community. Individuals would be able to break free from their addictions and live addiction free lives. We must ask ourselves are we providing the best treatment and the best help for this community or can we do better.

Below are the questions

Include in your response:

  • Who needs to be involved in action planning efforts to maximize change efforts (i.e., programs, practices, and policies)? Who is accountable and has ownership of responsibility for facilitating change?
  • What is the role of local people as agents for or champions of community change and improvement? What roles can social workers assume in the action plan you developed?
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