discussion 3 1

Your responses should be from 250-300 words per question.


Question 1

1) From the following list, select 2 pairs of comparisons. You will be selecting a total of 4 items.  For each pair, compare the significance, ritual use, or cultural function or purpose. Always include an example of art work for each item, either from the book or internet with a link.  Look for interesting similarities and important differences between the items you have selected.

1)      ijele

2)      iwan

3)      nkisi (pl. minkisi)

4)      nkondi (pl. minkondi)

5)      muqarnas

6)      nowo

7)      chattri

8)      dao

9)      bodhisattva

10)  devaraja

11)  garbhagriha

12)  haboku

13)  haniwa

14)  jia

15)  koan

16)  kondo

17)  pagoda

18)  raigo

19)  shikhara

20)  stupa

21)  tanka

22)  taotie

23)  yakshi

24)  Zen

25)  duk duk

26)  kachina

27)  kiva

28)  potlatch

29)  tubuan

30)  tumbaga


Question 2

2) In Islamic culture, there are certain religious restrictions on use of imagery and representation of human or animal forms is forbidden in many art forms. As a result, Islamic art has developed highly sophisticated abstract, geometric, and linear decorative elements. Compare and contrast this aspect of Islamic art with art of another culture we have studied (your choice) that is centrally concerned with pictorial representations of iconic figures or realistic depictions of historical events or realistic situations. In your discussion, consider the various elements of art and design principles covered in Unit I of this course. As always, use specific examples of art.


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