1)Comment around 100 words to this post: “Friends Matter

When I was an adolescent I think I had truthful friendships and they would last long than the ones I have now. I would had more things in common with my friends when i was younger than to the ones I start a friendship when i was a teenager. When I was a teenager it was the time of high school when everyone is doing sports, are in clubs, and have similar tastings. Sometimes in this time is when people broke friendships over the dumbest things and won’t talk ever again or when the friendship becomes stronger. Now that I’m in college and the first time I went to college I believe the friendships that I have are the ones that have lasted the longest, because even though I don’t see them that often the friendships that i have with my friends is mature and no drama.

I did not know a lot of people that were antisocial. Maybe just one guy that was so quite but he was always focused in school and getting good grades. I just remember that his mom was very strict with him and sometimes mean I don’t know if that is why he was so quite and shy.

There were not a lot of differences just that he would focused so much in school. He would talk to the people he needed to talk to that is it to this day he is not a criminal. “


Discussion Board Topic: Are all property offenders the same?

Consider the following property offenses: buying a stolen item, criminal damage to property, trespassing and burglary. How are they similiar? How are they different? Explain the rationalizations and motivations characteristic of property offenders. Explain the correlation between crimes against property such as larceny, burglary, criminal damage to property and trespassing.

Summarize the similarities between the crime groups. Be sure to include motivations, planning and rationalizations in your post.

1- 2paragraph(around 200words)

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