Each Discussion answer must be 250 words

DQ 1

“Data Warehousing” Please respond to the following:

  • Having live data accessible all the time for an indefinite period is expensive. This is why data warehousing is so important. This week, we’ve been looking at data warehouse planning. When you consider your plan for data warehousing, what do you think are two of the more key items to think about? Is there a recommendation to management that you have in mind already, just from your studies this week?
  • Research Governmental data retention policies and include with your responses as well.

DQ 2

“Mitigating Attacks” Please respond to the following:

  • We’ve been talking about the various forms of attacks that malicious hackers can use to compromise security this week. Do a search on the Internet for an article about a recent (Within the past 4-6 months) attack. What method did the hackers use? Was it a sophisticated attack, or more amateur in nature? Now that you’re learning about attacks and how to mitigate them, what recommendations would you have to your leadership at your company if this attack had happened on your watch? What steps would you take to protect your data personally?

DQ 3

“Key Management” Please respond to the following:

Key management is a concept that often causes people anxiety when it comes to test preparation. After reviewing the material this week, describe briefly what digital keys are to you and how you think about them when you are doing your exercises. This may help some of your classmates. Read and comment on your classmates’ posts as well, and see if any of their analogies help you to master this concept.

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