– Think of writing this research essay as participating in a debate. – Argue in the affirmative (for). – Required to anticipate the response from the alternative argument and counter those arguments in essay. – 2000 words + – 50 – Use at least 12 references. 7 academic journal articles & 9 other quality references. To include this 2 references in essay. (Mallin, C A, 2010. Corporate Governance, Oxford University Press, UK.) (Trevino, LK & Nelson, KA (2014) Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right (6th Edition), John Wiley, USA.)

Points to note. Key issues relating to the question have been developed. Every paragraph needs to answer to the question. Original and clear argument. Logical and convincing discussion. Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views used to develop arguments. give enough evidence to support the answer. Appropriate Harvard style referencing (in text and list of references). Number and quality of references. Clear and comprehensive written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.).

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