MHC Cultural

I have two discussions, one written and one multiple choice

1. Which diagnosis of mental illness did Joseph and colleagues study using Twitter?

(A) Depression

(B) Anxiety

(C) Schizophrenia

(D) Eating disorders

(E) Agoraphobia

2. Research in what country found that positive media campaigns such as the “Time to Change” campaign may help to reduce the stigma of mental illness?

(A) United States

(B) France

(C) Sweden

(D) Germany

(E) England

3. LBGT people have been identified as being at risk by the US Department of Health and Human Services as a result of having which disadvantage?

(A) Social

(B) Economic

(C) Environmental

(D) A and B

(E) A, B and C

4. Wolf found that the trans community has increased rates of substance abuse as a result of which factors?

(A) Discrimination and marginalization

(B) Unemployment

(C) Homelessness

(D) B and C

(E) A and C

5. According to the authors, having this will decrease concealing one’s sexual identity and increase a sense of psychological well–being?

(A) A social Network

(B) Identifying with an accepting in-group

(C) A single long-term relationship

(D) A and B

(E) A and C

6. Which president signed an executive order to protect the rights of the LGBT community?

A. Obama

B. C. Bush

C. Clinton

D. Trump

Answer: (A) p. 209

7. In 2008, what percentage of adults in the US received treatment for a mental health problem?

(A) 8%

(B) 13.4%

(C) 16.3%

(D) 2.8%

(E) 11%

8. Cross cultural competence has identified their key elements. Which of this is not one of those elements?

(A) Working knowledge of the symbolic and linguistic patterns of the target group

(B) Being a member of that specific target gro0up

(C) Knowledge and skills in relating to that group

(D) A grasp of the underlying attitudes, values, and belief systems of the target group

9. This has engendered more division among mental health advocate, family members and legal experts

(A) Involuntary treatment

(B) Medication


(D) Case Management

10. Individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder experience a more challenging course for each illness due to:

(A) Lack of family support

(B) Side effects of multiple medications

(C) More severe and frequent reoccurrence of symptoms

(D) Lack of adequate case management services

(E) Limited community resources and stigma

11. The Common Factors model suggests the reason for elevated rates of comorbid substance use and mental health disorders are shared risk factors including all of these except which one?

(A) Genetic vulnerability

(B) Family situation

(C) Social /environmental context

(D) Ethic background

12. In the “quadrant model” quadrant 111 involves which profile?

(A) High addiction severity; low mental illness severity

(B) low addiction severity; low mental illness severity

(C) High addiction severity; high mental illness severity

(D) low addiction severity; high mental illness severity

13. According to the biopsychosocial model, social needs include which of the following?

(A) Food

(B) Shelter

(C) Family

(D) Health care issues

(E) All the above

14. The PMFG process lasts how long and meets how often?

(A) 60 minutes 3 times a week

(B) 90 minutes once a week

(C) 90 minutes twice a month

(D) 60 minutes 3 times a month

(E) 30 minutes daily

15. The PPACA otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act was created in which year?

(A) 2009

(B) 2010

(C) 2011

(D) 2012

(E) None of the above

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