Please review the instruction below. This is an team assignment. I am in charge of introduction, and conclusion. Please provide an word count of 140 for the introduction, and 140 for the conclusion. The paper is on retail.

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this is assignment is share best practices for effective communication in an organization and the benefits and obstacles associated with delegation.

Assignment Steps

Locate a business or industry you have worked in or in which you would like to work.

Provide feedback to the work of your peers by discussing the hiring practices, employee training, and work team utilization with your team members.

Develop a 700-word paper which includes the following:

  • What the team has learned from reading the other papers about communication
  • What the team has learned about work place delegation
  • What the team has learned from any feedback provided by peers

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Please review each team review to help with the introduction, and conclusion.

1. I have worked in a few retail stores, and the hiring process has been pretty simple. I would apply, and if I made it pass the application review process, I would then get called in for an interview. A few times, I was hired on the spot and others I had to come back for either testing, which was either a personality test trying to determine would fit in with the other employees or if I had the personality for the job. Other testing I have done was background checks, drug testing and I had to do some physical testing.

2. The same situation. When applying for retail it was always a guarantee for me to get hired. My retail job was a clothing store, which we had to wear our store apparel for advertising. The hiring process was an back ground check and you had a week training on the cash register. The discounts was 40 percent due to the fact we had to wear the clothes from the store. Retail is a very good industry to start at, because you can use that opportunity to network, and get sales experiences.

3. Hi,

In addition to typical interviews and background checks, I have also had a meeting with the entire team to make sure that everyone seemed to click and would get along. At first I was a little overwhelmed because it felt intimidating to know that literally eight people all at once were judging me but everything worked out fine – they were all very nice. The reason they had me meet with the entire team is because they had previously hired a couple of horrible employees so no one trusted each other’s judgment in the hiring process and figured that was a good way for everyone to be on board.

At my job, I learned the owner of the store first delegated all of the tasks to the manager and then the manager split up the tasks to each employee. We would rotate tasks, like cashier, stocking, etc so everyone was crossed trained. I really liked the idea of everyone else knowing how to perform other tasks so we could cover for each other when necessary.

4. You’ll forgive me but I haven’t worked in retail. So based on some comments from other people that I know the training process is one of the key elements. There are usually a lot of different areas and jobs that are required of different people. Most of the retail employees are hired to work in a specific department and need to have a specifici skillset, however, they are usually required to know and be able to work in any department in case of an absence or something like that.

Many times managers rely on certain employees to call up for extra hours when someone misses a shift. Usually the people that are sought out first and the most are those that are capable of working in many different roles.

It all comes back to any other position at any other job. When you are capable and trustworthy, generally your standing with the company will be better.

Now, as I said, I have not worked for retail, but I have had some interaction with different retail accounts in my contract management job and many times I would see retail stores from the exact same company run in different ways and at different levels of success. The one quality from management that always seemed to jump out at me at the stores that did very well, had great employee retention and therefore ran quite smoothly, was communication. A manager that is capable of communication with his or her employees and do so in a way that is respectful and clear usually leads to great levels of success for the store.

Remember my portion is only the introduction and conclusion only. Please provide citation, and references if used.

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